Examples of Finished Projects

Blue Iguana Networks

concept, system design, development and implemetation of  the Blue Iguana technology on the client side
definition and implementation of the Blue Iguana packet protocol, opcode set, unique BI identity concept and
development of an object oriented approach to implement the BI technology
design methodology development 
contribution to the BI patents



specialized DSP for speech-processing
used for people with extreme hearing loss 
to allow an adaptive amplification of  word parts

retargeting a 2 men-year-VHDL project
(1 MB hierachical VHDL source) from a standard cell process to a Xilinx Virtex-E2000 for a proof-of-concept demonstration
At the project start (Q1/2000) the arriving of the first samples of this largest Xilinx device was announced
FPGA-Express (Synopsys) used 100% of this device
(synthesis runtime: 18 hours @DualPentiumII- 400 w/ 512 MB RAM)
Synplify (Synplicity) used 87% of this device
(synthesis runtime: 50 minutes @DualPentiumII-400 w/512 MB RAM)
contract work for FS-chip design, an independent ASIC design center that was later bought  by  ATMEL


Consulting / System design


concept, implementation and component delivery of an e-commerce system with credit card processing solution including offline security check system, logistics and system design
(done in collaboration with Leonhardt Informationtechnology)


Consulting for an industrial measurement and control system

EUS GmbH, Germany

concept and development of an industrial distributed measurement data acquisition and control system


Building up this website...


NumberCruncher (first FPGA project 1989)

system design, FPGA design, PCB layout of a floating point accelerator for the Apple II (+, e, GS) family


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